Powerplay Gallery

Free WordPress Iphone/Ipad Gallery: PowerPlay


wpslideshow.com presents you an incredibly amazing WordPress iPhone/iPad gallery plugin. Try out this great WP gallery plugin that is very easy to use and to set it up.

The Powerplay gallery WP has lots of dynamic functions and parameters incorporated in the slideshow to set up a rich and sound gallery plugin that maintains good flow execution without disturbing the website design.

This premium WP gallery is constructive and handy for those who not only need a simple image gallery but a more sophisticated gallery with wider functionalities and highly customizable features. Now stock all your product images or personal images in a flexible and feasible gallery layout featured with specified categories escorted with thumbs, tiny tooltips, description box, next/previous navigation bars, elegant play/pause, auto-play timer, + & – buttons to hide/show , full-screen, and many more.

If specified categories are more than ten, a scroller is automatically affixed to scroll the categories with great ease.

Below are some of the features that can be easily configured at the backend though WP admin panel:

  • Tweak flash object dimensions (width & height), Flash object BG color, gallery background colors, gallery background color alpha, controls colors
  • Customize menu button BG color/alpha, menu up color, menu hover color
  • Define auto play time, Transition Time, gallery width and gallery height, Linkable images – Optional, Option to show thumbs top or bottom
  • Price tag attributes like color, font size, currency symbol, position, Show/Hide price tag can be customized, show thumbs top or bottom, show product short description, product price and weight, Enable or disable Zoom, Show/Hide tooltip, Show/Hide navigation arrows and more.
  • Enable/disable full image scale, Enable/disable thumb image scale, Enable/disable auto-play, Enable/disable display arrow thumbs, Enable/disable price, and Enable/disable detail links
  • Target link to new/current color
  • Tip: Don’t forget to add comma separated category ID’s in the admin panel to show only selected categories.

    Unlike other WP galleries, this premium powerplay gallery plugin you can have multiple categories under which unlimited number of product/images with appropriate description can be enabled to the spectators for easy understanding of the product and better selling of the products consequently.

    Besides, have a look at the installation and shot codes for more information on this premium PowerPlay WP gallery plugin.

    This PowerPlay WP gallery plugin is priced low but loaded with heavy and huge constrictive features!!! No second thoughts buy one and enjoy!!!!!

    Short codes

    use below short codes in your content as inline to display the slideshow

    [power_play] – This short code will display all images under all categories which are not disabled.

    [power_play cats=2,3] – This short code will display all images under the categories with ID’s 2,3.

    [power_play imgs=1,2,3] – This short code will display images which has ID’s 1,2,3.

    Installation Video


    1. Full Screen Mode
    2. Scroll Image of it is larger then display area
    3. Option to show thumbs top or bottom
    4. Linkable images – Optional
    5. Choose Category ID’s to display Images
    6. Previous, Next Images in slide Show
    7. Customizable gallery width and gallery height
    8. Image description
    9. Customizable auto play time
    10. Transition Time

    Many More…..

    if you have problems in using this plugin please contact at [email protected]

    Screen Shots

    Compatible with iphone and ipads