Free WordPress 3.4 Themes

Grafix – Free WordPress Theme

Looking for the best and unusual WordPress themes?

Grafix is a simple, responsive, ultra-readable theme geared with modular homepage, impressive widgets columns for posts and pages, featured slider or galleries, space for advertisements and social media icons and loaded with all the settings to customize this theme for whatever niche.

What makes Grafix theme a good choice for you???

The Grafix WordPress themes are built for future, fully customizable, easy to design easy to update, easy to make changes, SEO friendly, easy to connect with other social sites with social media icons, blogging is made easy, enhanced website functionality and much more.

Download and install this gorgeous yet free WordPress theme to make it fit perfectly with any kind of site you want to create and make it look anyway you like without being a professional coder or programmer.

Even a beginner can configure with the user-friendly settings including configuring with header/footer sections, widget positions, widget titles, flash image dimensions, space for social media icons and advertisements, main menu tab, secondary tabs and many more.

Flexibility is what makes WordPress so powerful. Truly a winner for any business oriented website WordPress theme to get your new blog or site prominently listed in the search results!!!

Reflect Media – WordPress Theme

Reflect media is one of the most attractive and creative WordPress theme designs where the theme is seamlessly integrated with amazing features, readymade widgets and functionalities to ensure maximum functionality for your convenience.

The layout of this free WordPress theme is just differently and uniquely designed especially the header section is pretty awesome using blue and yellow combinations to index logo and custom text. Space dedicated to main menu, social media icons, advertisements, slides or galleries, change module position and titles and much more.

One of the biggest advantages implementing this free reflect media WordPress themes for your upcoming or already existing boring websites is the time factor, uniqueness and user friendly aspects that ensures your blog is unique one contributing to huge success factors for you and your blog as a whole in the long run.

Consider installing this absolutely free Reflect Media theme if using WordPress that’s completely free and easy to use.

Start up a blog or site on any hot favorite topic, install this free WordPress theme, and customize the site in any way you want.
One of the wonderful types of themes you can choose from is Reflect Media WordPress theme!!!

cornio – Free WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a bit of spring or beautiful ways to embellish your web-pages, this absolutely free Cornio theme will do the trick.

This extremely free WordPress Cornio theme is specially designed to display the product images or the content in a more elegant and user-friendly manner.
A lot of other features has been loaded in this free wp theme that includes a drop down main menu with sub menus, space dedicated to logo, header/footer, room for different widgets where titles can be changed accordingly or even move widgets to different locations, has an advanced core hack for displaying the features products Slide Show or galleries, advertisements and social media icons.

Configure the theme at the admin panel to spice up the entire layout of the theme in minutes.
Use appearance to configure with Cornia theme options and change the logo and custom text, use layout to define image settings, alter primary and secondary settings to alter main menu and secondary menu drop down settings to slide down, standard, fade, fade and slide from right, fade and slide from left.
Drag and drop widgets as to suit your needs and deliver content aptly and deliver the main theme of the website innovatively and consistently without hassles and frustrating codesor programming.

An elegant and user-friendly WordPress Cornio theme to live any website or blog on the go!!! Go for it!!!!

Rover – Free WordPress Theme

Rover theme is a clean full-featured WordPress theme seamlessly integrated with advanced functionality and amazing accessible features. Take the complexities out of traditional complex software’s to build the main theme of the site with this absolutely free WordPress theme.

This free WordPress Rover theme facilitates you to manage and set up your website or blog with user-friendly option panel, allowing you to easily control your website without ever touching a line of code.

Adjust the layout including header/footer sections, widget positions, widget titles, flash image dimensions, use galleries or slideshows, space for social media icons and advertisements, main menu tab, secondary tabs and many more.

Adjust general settings such as change logo or custom text, featured posts to define slideshow or gallery effects, manage primary menu/secondary menu with effects, transaction speeds, control featured posts and much more all for free and user-friendly dashboard.

Toggle and tweak the settings at the back end , adjust the complete structure layout of your site, manage ads, titles, keywords, description, canonical URLs for modules, optimize for search engines and you are done.

The layout of the Rover WordPress theme is just beautifully crafted without compromising on both appearance and functionality to cater ever increasing sense of popularity on the internet.
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